The Mike Olawale Foundation

Background Information and Overall Mission

Pastor Mike Olawale is the Senior Pastor of Christ Dominion Church of God, International and a child of The Living God. As a believer, he has experienced a tremendous amount of God’s love and mercy that he received from many people, even since his birth. Many wonderful men and women, who did not even know his biological parents or much about his background, have all played great roles in both his personal life and ministry.

On May 13, 2012, the Holy Spirit ministered to him and direct it him to create a foundation which would serve as a mechanism to extend the love of God to millions of those in need. In other words, he was urged to create a foundation that would help people such as widows, orphans, the less privileged, the sick, and students – people of all races and all walks of life.

The Lord Jesus Christ demonstrated compassion to all people during His earthly ministry. Thus, He ministered to the needs of people of all walks of life. He met their spiritual and nutritional needs; He healed them from sickness and disease; and He provided for them materially. In like manner, The Mike Olawale Foundation was created for the same purposes – to meet the needs of others just as Christ did in His ministry. In essence, the foundation will cater to the needs of all people: the poor, the hungry and the needy. It will provide basic provisions, material needs, and educational funds and materials for students in need. Our Lord Jesus Christ turned insufficient levels of bread and a few fish into abundant provisions in order to feed the multitudes.  Hence, the Mike Olawale Foundation will function in the same manner. Consequently, our overall mission is to promote and spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in practical ways, while at the same time promoting the well-being of people in society at large.


The Mike Olawale Foundation (TMOF) was established in order to make a difference in the lives of many who are in need of assistance in the areas of Social, Academic, and Community Concerns.  We believe that in order to make a difference in society-at- large; then we should stand in the forefront of making a difference in the lives of those in our immediate community.  This perspective gives us the drive and motivation to reach out to as many persons as we can. Thus, TMOF can make dreams come true for many of those who are in need.  For these reasons, the foundation provides assistance and financial support to those who find themselves in dire need of some form of help, due to unforeseen circumstances in life.  The Board of Directors meets regularly to determine the type of assistance, the amount, and the time-frame that the foundation may be able to provide to respective applicants.  In essence, as God blesses us…we shall always seek the opportunity to bless others.

“Touching Lives by God’s Grace”